Mar 22, 2022

Phenion Full-Thickness Models for pharmacokinetic drug profiling

Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria, establishes innovative dermal Open Flow Microperfusion (dOFM) test system based on Phenion® FT LARGE Skin Models

The institute HEALTH at Joanneum Research, Austria, supports drug development from candidate screening, ex vivo- studies in explanted skin and preclinical trials to clinical studies. 

The aim of the work presented here was to create an alternative to human and ex vivo- studies by combining the Phenion® FT LARGE Skin Model with the CE-certified dOFM technology. This cost-effective combination delivers reliable pharmacokinetic profiles directly from dermal tissue. In detail, dOFM probes were implanted in Phenion® FT LARGE Skin Model for continuous sampling of penetrating topically applied substances. Sensors from PyroScience and Jobst were integrated to the microperfusion system for collecting reliable data on tissue conditions (pH, oxygen) and metabolism (glucose, lactate) at flow rates of just 1 µl/min.

Please, read the full story in the attached product information brochure.

More information about the Jonanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, the dOFM technology,  and PyroScience can be found at, and